The construction of the bunkers and the threat of unemployment: the world is learning to live in a new environment

the Number of people infected with coronavirus in the world is inexorably approaching half a million. Saudi Arabia stepped up measures to curb the spread of the pandemic, the government of Israel and is ready to impose a complete blockade of the country. However, such a policy for combating coronavirus ready to follow not all.

Empty the tables in the restaurants. Food – only take-out. The streets are not of the soul. And the unprecedented demand for construction of bunkers. These are the realities of the US, where the number of cases of coronavirus approaching 70 thousand people. Harvard analysts to reduce the impact on the economy of States because of quarantine has demanded the government to spend a total testing for coronavirus among all residents of the United States, patients – to isolate the rest – send to work. The President strongly opposed.

“If you mean to test the 350 million people – I disagree. I’ve seen the proposal from professors from Harvard. But no. We can go to certain States for testing, where virtually no problems or only minor. But at the same time to test them fully – so funny! We don’t need to do” — cut Donald trump.

and not all Americans voluntarily go for testing. The main opponent of the trump in the upcoming election – Democrat Joe Biden, despite the fact that included in the risk group, a test for the coronavirus did. And, apparently – is not going to.

“I have not tested for the coronavirus. I have – thank God – there is no symptoms of infection with coronavirus. Yes, I personally communicated with those who have it,” said Joe Biden, presidential candidate in USA and cough live.

Brazil’s President went further and opposed the isolation and harsh restrictive measures adopted by the governors in several Brazilian States. Due to the spread of the coronavirus heads of regions signed orders the closure of schools, shops and limited public transport.

“Other viruses have killed much more than this, and there was such a commotion. What do a few mayors and governors, is a crime. They destroy Brazil. If we cower, if we listen to everyone, get so that no one will produce anything. Starts unemployment”, — said the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro.

Experience the world of the President of Brazil was not convinced. In Saudi Arabia, where cases of infection are almost three times less than in Brazil – not just imposed a curfew on three o’clock in the afternoon, but limited the entry and exit of Riyadh, Mecca and Medina. Israel has decided to close for the week Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the citizens are now forbidden to move away from the home more than 100 meters, with the exception of visiting grocery stores and pharmacies. In Egypt, meanwhile, has begun to disinfect the pyramids at Giza, which was closed to visitors.

“the Whole team has passed the sanitary obrabotku. They started cleaning the area with tourists. Handled x-ray units, ticket office, room inspection and entry the territory of the monuments of antiquity. Also handled wooden walkway, visited by tourists,” said Ashraf Mohi, Director of the Museum complex.

Europe, meanwhile, extends the quarantine. The Spanish authorities took the decision to leave citizens to isolation for another 15 days. At the same time at home trying to send about forty thousand tourists from UK, Ireland, Norway, Germany, USA and Canada, which still remain in Spain. The situation is complicated by the fact that most countries air traffic was closed. In the UK London airport and at all will cease service to commercial and private flights until the end of April.