The Constitution will strengthen the

the Bill on amendments to the criminal code submitted to the Duma over the signatures of the co-chairs of the President’s working group on amendments to the Constitution — Deputy Pavel Krasheninnikov (United Russia) and Senator Andrey Klishas. Four existing articles of the criminal code, which punished for falsification of electoral documents and the voting results, the issue of illegal Bulletin, obstructing the exercise of electoral rights and the work of election commissions during elections and referenda will now be punished for the same violation during the nationwide voting until April 22. Offences and penalties not be changed. The minimum sanction under these articles — the penalty to 80 thousand roubles, maximum — imprisonment for the term up to 4 years. The draft law on relevant amendments to the administrative offences Code while the application is not ready.

Meanwhile the Duma Committee on state construction and law, approved the fifth batch of amendments to the amendments to the Constitution. This time it was about Chapter 8 of the Basic law (“Local government”) and some of the articles in Chapter 3 (“the Federal structure”).

the head of the Committee Pavel Krasheninnikov (United Russia) told his colleagues that the Constitution prescribes the possibility of permanent disposal of the Federal authorities in other Russian cities, not only in Moscow. “We already have experience of this kind, the constitutional court moved to St. Petersburg and work there perfectly, it was made by the Federal constitutional law” — has explained g-n Krasheninnikov. “What is the need to write it in the Constitution?” — asked Sergey Ivanov (LDPR). “We have a Federal government, and we believe that such a possibility in the Constitution should be, if we want, for example, to transfer some authority in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky or to Vladivostok.” — has answered g-n Krasheninnikov.

And he noted that prohibitions on the possession of foreign accounts, assets and securities circulate and the President of the Russian Federation — as many MPs wanted. Realth innovation is not: the corresponding ban has long enshrined in the laws and for the President and for governors and members of the Cabinet of Ministers and deputies and for senators. But the proposals of the Communists to expand the list of restrictions by prohibiting all senior officials of the Russian Federation, their spouses and minor children to own real estate abroad, support to the working group and the Committee is not found.

“MK” wrote about how it will be implemented the President’s idea to include the supposedly independent in accordance with Chapter of the Constitution, the local governments in the unified chain of command: to do this, invented a new Russian law the concept of “a unified system of public authorities”. The basic law will now allow special (and apparently tougher) rules for municipalities not only in cities of Federal value, but also in the capitals of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

At the meeting of the Committee found the Senator Lyudmila Narusova and called for in the Constitution prescribe that local authorities must not influence the elections other higher levels. Speech, as followed from its words, was about the municipal filter including: Ms. Narusova believes that it is wrong, when local officials and members decide who has the right to participate in elections of governors. But her amendment was rejected under the pretext that municipal and other filters — is the question of the electoral law.

by the Way, to fulfill the wish of the President and to ensure the simultaneous entry into force of all amendments to the Constitution immediately hardly succeed. Mr. Krasheninnikov in conversation with “MK” did not rule out that at least for articles on the constitutional court will have to make a reservation. After all, if we take the norm of the number of judges (instead of a maximum of 19 their will be a maximum of 11), while immediate entry into effect will be a question of on what basis to get rid of the four “extra” (now judges 15) — not a lot to give up…

a Significant increase in the number of amendments will lead to significant ROSthat and the number of existing laws, which then need to be rewritten. Initially it was assumed that such laws will be 34 (plus one new state Council). Now, by words g-on Krasheninnikov, it is “roughly about 50 laws.”