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One of three companies that responded to the confederation of Norwegian enterprise the last medlemsundersøkelse believe there is a real risk that their business may go bankrupt as a result of koronaviruset.

Within the tourism corresponds to 63 per cent that they are considering konkursrisikoen as real, while 42 per cent of the smallest firms, with 9 or fewer employees, respond the same.

– This shows that it was bad for a week ago are even worse now. Almost 60 per cent said they have laid off, 75 per cent say that they are considering to lay off further. We see that a large proportion also says that they are considering layoffs, says Almlid.

– This illustrates the whole crisis we are in, and that we haven’t seen before. I am being completely matte of the numbers.

This is the fourth medlemsundersøkelsen as the confederation of Norwegian enterprise performs in the course of the last four weeks.

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More krisepakker

Krisepakkene to the Norwegian economy has entered the ongoing ties in the last few weeks, after that both the Norwegian and international korona-measures has hit the Norwegian economy hard.

Friday morning came the government with a form of financial support to companies that have received sharp fall in turnover. The scheme will cover a share of the companies ‘ fixed costs, but the final criteria will only be finished next Friday.

32 percent of the companies that have responded to medlemsundersøkelsen to the NHO says that they lack the money to pay the bills that are due on short time due to koronaviruset. Last week the black, 29 percent the same.

– It shows how dominoeffekten is. If a business is unable to pay the bills, with good reason, frames the next. It is important to cash in to businesses when’s going to, so we are able to maintain the wheel, says Almlid.

In the afternoon came the even more crisis measures aimed at the Norwegian business sector. The government wants to give the Nav the right to pay out unemployment benefits in advance – before the application is processed.

Norway has the highest number of laid off and unemployed since the second world war. The battle to knock down the infection, creates major problems for businesses and individuals throughout the country, ” said prime minister Erna Solberg at the press conference.

Stortingspartiene about financial support to businesses: – Much unclear

Increase in permitteringer

In the course of Thursday got the Nav in 13.000 of new applications for unemployment benefits. Page 9. march has 10 per cent of the labour force in Norway applied for unemployment benefits. It amounts to almost 300.000 people.

56 percent of the companies that have responded to medlemsundersøkelsen to the NHO says that they have conducted permitteringer, while 75 per cent responding that it may be necessary to lay off employees for a short time.

In the last week responded 50 per cent that they have done permitteringer.

Four per cent have carried out layoffs, while 15 per cent say they have plans for layoffs.

About a week, I think we are going to see even worse numbers. Time is working against us, so we need to change gears quickly. That is why we do not say that we are not cheering for anything, everything must be in place to ensure that we have healthy businesses through this crisis, says Almlid.

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