the board of The Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) has still not been returned twice, to a fine of 4.000 euro will be imposed to meet the Standard because of misconduct on the part of the Liege’s supporters at Sclessin against the final result. Who threw up on the Season, including a cigarette lighter to Some of them Lamkel Zé and burn pyrotechnic material.

The facts came to an end on the 22nd of February, when Antwerp is host, played to a Standard, on the 27th match day of the Jupiler Pro League. At the time, got second time he and his Lamkel Zé, a number of items from the thuisvak about it. The Kameroener gave a vuursteker to the referee Verboomen. During the race, throwing the Liege fans with the knalbommetjes, and yet, there was another pyrotechnic material is chipped.

the Standard, such as the facts, but said that there has been an element of provocation by the Lamkel Zé. In addition, the Rouches of the arbitration committee of the club, all such incidents are to be avoided. There were people of liège itself, the steps to be taken to the amokmakers to get it. According to the police, the two statements at the end of the glasses, and the other for the use of pyrotechnics materials. From Liège, the police concluded that “in spite of the prevention campaigns and the day to day working of the Standard, it still has ‘supporters’ who will continue to perform”.

The Bondsparket was a fine of 1,500 euros (missiles) and 3,500 euros (pyrotechnic materials) may be required, but the Dispute revealed itself as there are so many records this season, with a grasp tighter. “The behavior of one of the members of the “supporters” of the Standard seems to be,” concludes the disciplinary committee, referring to the seven-tuchtdossiers this season.

The Belgian football season is now nearly a month of silence. On Thursday, the 12th of march, it was decided that all sports in Belgium, to be specified in order to postpone the outbreak of the corona virus.

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