The power of those American cities, where protests against the tragic death in Minneapolis (Minnesota), African-American George Floyd at the hands of police, are required to ensure the safety of journalists covering such events. This is stated in the statement of the head of programs of Committee to protect journalists Carlos martínez de La Serna, arrived on Sunday in the TASS office in response to a request to comment on the cases of use of force by the police against journalists.

"Targeted attacks against journalists, film crew and journalist organisations covering demonstrations showed complete disregard for the critical role they play, fixing events in the public interest, and constitute an unacceptable attempt to intimidate them, – said in a statement. – Power in all cities of the USA should instruct the police not to affect the journalists and provide them with a safe opportunity to report on the protests without fear of injury or retaliation".

According to the report, the Committee to protect journalists is investigating reports of attacks on journalists in recent days in Louisville (Kentucky), Las Vegas (NV), Atlanta (GA) in Washington.