The Committee of the state Duma has prepared amendments to the Constitution for the second reading

on Wednesday the state Duma Committee on state construction and legislation, held the final hearing on the amendments to the basic reading. Deputies reviewed the last set of proposals made by the President and parliamentarians. Among other things, was approved by initiative of the head of state on the subject of nationwide voting, without which constitutional amendments will not take effect. Recall that it is scheduled for April 22. The President proposed to clarify that the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation will be considered approved if they made more than half of Russian citizens who took part in the vote.

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a major addition before the vote, the President will appeal to the constitutional court (CC) for a legal opinion on the document. And that in a period of seven days is required to give the conclusion about conformity (discrepancy) of the Constitution of the new standards. “It is necessary to increase their legitimacy, – explained the head of Committee Pavel Krasheninnikov. And this is a big plus that we will be able to conduct the proposal through the crucible of the constitutional court”. He said that the COP will examine the innovations in compliance with the immutable part of the Constitution, that is, chapters 1, 2 and 9 of the Basic Law. If a mismatch is detected, the procedures associated with the new amendments to the Constitution, and the non-stop voting is not conducted, said Krasheninnikov. However, the relevant working group prepared an adjusted norm, and the scenario in the state Duma did not expect.

Another approved amendment describes what will happen in case of approval during the national voting amendments to the Constitution. If the citizens will give the go-ahead, the President issues decree on official publication of the new edition of the Basic Law specifying the effective date effect.

Pavel Krasheninnikov stressed one supported by the norm of powers of the constitutional court. He will be able to determine whether to execute the decisions of foreign courts. Vladimir Putin approved the proposal of the working group, noting that it “is directly related to the protection of our sovereignty and suppression of attempts of interference in internal Affairs.” The amendment complemented previously supported in the first reading of the priority rules of Russian law over international.

For the amendments come into force will need the support of at least 50% of the votes

also Approved the proposal of Vladimir Putin about entering into the Constitution restrictions on senior officials. the Amendments prevent the President, Cabinet members, senators, deputies of the state Duma and a number of other authorities have a foreign citizenship and Bank accounts abroad. The Committee has previously supported similar amendments in relation to senior officials of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and heads of Federal government agencies. “The President himself called for the need to introduce such a prohibitive norm for the head of state,” recalled Pavel Krasheninnikov, bearing in mind the discussion at the meeting of Vladimir Putin with the working group. Is an important protective rule which equalizes all persons having a large office in the country.”

deputies Supported the amendments also konkretisiert order for a vote of no confidence by the Duma government and the deprivation of immunity of former presidents, impose a ban on restricting the rights of Russians under sanctions of foreign States.

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the Deputies voted for the amendments, and any previously RAsmotreniya blocks changes for the second reading in General.

In the process of work of the Committee of the state Duma, the text of the new edition of the Basic Law increased by about 50%, said Pavel Krasheninnikov. Underlying the bill is based on proposals from the Message to the Federal Assembly, augmented with amendments coming from different walks of life. “We are not talking about changing the conceptual approach, supported in the first reading”, – stressed the head of the Committee. He also told about the main consequences if the citizens approve changes in the voting process.

the Procedure of formation of the Cabinet will become more public, because, according to Krasheninnikov, imposes a responsibility on both the government and Parliament. “Now we won’t learn from the media, who appointed, – he said. – Members of the government will be approved in the state Duma, with the exception of security forces.”

Candidates “don’t force” members of the Cabinet will be discussed in the committees, factions, and publicly, he added. “It will benefit all of society. The system of checks and balances will become more transparent, concluded Krasheninnikov. – This refers to the procedure of forming the government and the Duma.”

Deputies approved a ban on restricting the rights of Russians who have fallen under foreign sanctions

For security forces and prosecutors will also be provided for consultation. Their candidacy will be held through committees of the Federation Council.

At the constitutional level through the President’s proposals will be given a number of important social guarantees in the sphere of payment and protection of labor, the indexation of welfare benefits and more. Rules that appeared in the Constitution will give an impetus for further filling of the legislation, said the Deputy. “This is not just a Declaration, – he said. For each rule will stand legal consequences, even if she’s not in the Basic Law”.