The Committee approved the prohibition for senior officials on foreign accounts

in the consideration of the bill in the first reading had already been supported by the provision on the age limit and the prohibition to have foreign citizenship or residence permit for exercising public power. And now for the main read – in the Constitution it is proposed to make other restrictions.

Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich/RIA Novosti CEC adopted the draft procedure of voting on the Constitution

the Amendment establishes prohibition of exercising public power, to have accounts and deposits, store cash and values in foreign banks located outside Russia.

These provisions relate including the highest officials of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and heads of Federal state bodies, said Pavel Krasheninnikov.

the amendments also affect spouses and minor children of the representatives of public authority.

in addition, the President’s proposal, this prohibition applies corrections and the head of state.

“the President of the Russian Federation it is prohibited to have accounts (deposits), store cash and values in foreign banks located outside the territory of the Russian Federation”, – stated in the amendment. Similar requirements apply to spouses and minor children to both the President and candidates for the highest post of the country.

Photo: Alexei Druzhinin/ RIA Novosti COP will be able to determine whether to execute the decisions of foreign courts

As explained in the Committee, the second reading of the constitutional bill the samethe first ban will also prescribe other persons exercising public authority, senators, deputies, government members, the Commissioner for human rights, judges of courts of the Russian Federation, prosecutors. While the approved amendments do not.

Answering the question of responsibility for violations by representatives of public administration, and Pavel Krasheninnikov said that “there is a law on combating corruption, there are a lot of these regulations.” Continue expected completion. “The responsibility, of course, is necessary,” – said the MP.

Vladimir Putin has supported and supplemented the proposal on restrictions on the meeting with the working group. “When a person goes to work as senior officials in a particular structure, it needs to make a choice – said the President – he wants to have any assets abroad or wants to serve the people of Russia and not be burdened with connections to anyone that can impose on him some restrictions when making decisions in the interests of the Russian Federation”.

Limitations as noted in rgruppe, designed to protect the country from attempts at outside influence. The officials and deputies should not be “conflict of interest”.