“It’s almost as if, they are proud to find holes in the law.”

so says the comedian Geo Heltboe, after he has several times confronted both friends and colleagues, who, he believes, takes up too easily on the current corona-situation.

Even feel the 44-year-old comedian to laugh, when he faithfully isolate themselves at home to help tame the infection, while he on the social media can see how people huddle to enjoy the delicious spring weather.

‘today is the sad people at the lakes in Copenhagen on the crowded benches with coffee from lagkagehuset – which was packed,’ writes Geo Heltboe among other things, on Twitter and explains to B. T.:

“I’m just ultra frustrated that those who can isolate themselves, do not do it. I see it at close range. I think it is incredibly selfish and short-sighted thought, and when I confront my friends and colleagues, so they have all sorts of good reasons and arguments,” says Geo Heltboe, who sense that the friends are almost completely proud when they can bend the rules to their advantage.

They meet in social contexts, which easily could have been deferred, with the argument that ‘so many are not’, or ‘Mette Frederiksen said up to 10 people, so we are breaking no rules,’ says the comedian.

He is also experiencing an insistence from others to continue to hold meetings face to face, even though it could have been handled over the phone.

“Or play dates with children where the argument is that ‘some of the experts say, that they must play together, if they are healthy’. Well then, let us reopen the schools, kindergartens and crèches, and only let the healthy children meeting up,” says Geo Heltboe sarcastic and adds:

“That they do not even see that they are just to prolong this crisis – which I know not.”

Although the prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, gradually tightening the government’s actions press conference for press conference, then there is currently nothing curfew in Denmark, but instead a powerful and serious recommendation to stay at home.

But would their slapdash approach to the crisis a result, it becomes necessary at some point, so will Geo Heltboe greet the curfew is welcome.

“People can’t control the leash, the authorities give them. When they say: ‘you must not hoard’, so that people hear: ‘I must hoard’,” he says, and continues:

“When the authorities say: ‘don’t meet, if it can be avoided’, so that people hear: ‘I must finally meet – it can nevertheless not be avoided.”

While he sends both wistful and indignant glances after people who drink caffé latte and soak up the sun in the just arrival of good spring weather, so is Geo Heltboe yourself busy with looking after her one-year son, and to entertain his daughter at 12.

“My wife is a doctor, so she is not much help at this time,” he says and adds with a smile:

“Well, for me.”