super funny and each other have written a lot. From one day to the other but she was extremely resistant. I thought you may have your days, but it was different. My colleagues felt that your behavior is a typical sign that you’ve fallen in love with me. Or she thinks perhaps the Vice versa of me? The Tedious, that I wonder since then, really, if I have missed maybe a Chance. What happened? Olli

When a relationship suddenly tilts over, without that you can figure it out, then that is stressful and tedious. Not only because of the sudden and the beautiful exchange in everyday life is missing, but also because you remain clueless and do not know how the Situation could change.

The temptation is in such moments, usually large, to lose yourself in any of these theories, in order to make the Unexplainable explainable. Far you will not come with such things. Because people are incredibly complex beings. And if someone is not willing to give you a glimpse into its Interior, then the best theory remains only a speculation.

Because this woman has all the shot down your Attempts to clarify the Situation, you have no choice than to maintain a professional distance. Be polite and conduct yourself in a collegial, but call no exchange that goes beyond.

It is not uncommon that a man suddenly feels a stronger attraction, if it becomes clear that a person goes at a distance. Try to observe these feelings with as much Aplomb. You will have the best Chance again soon subside.

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