The collapse of the American fifth generation fighter F-35B Lightning II, collided with an air tanker KC-130, was caught on video. The corresponding video published in Instagram the user aviationdaily.

Popular Mechanics, pay attention to this video, notes that it “looks authentic”. The publication writes that the causes of the incident are currently being investigated.

“right Now in southern California are several thousand pieces of the most modern fighter aircraft, many of which can give a clue of the technical aspects and production technologies used in the creation of the F-35 Lightning II,” says Popular Mechanics.

The incident with the F-35B Lightning II and KC-130 occurred in late September in California. The fighter pilot ejected safely, an air tanker made a hard landing.

The family of a stealth multirole fighter fifth generation F-35 Lightning II is developed and produced since 2001 by the American Corporation Lockheed Martin. The fighter is available in three versions: A (for air force), B (short takeoff and vertical landing) and C (deck).