The coat of arms of Belarus will make peaceful and it moved to Russia

In Belarus podkorrektirovatj national emblem. The bill developed by the Ministry of justice. This was stated by the Minister Aleh Slizheuski.

the Belarusian politician said that citizens have repeatedly made proposals to amend the coat of arms. Over the changes worked heraldic Council under the President. According to experts, state symbols needs to be improved.

to Change the star at the top of the emblem. Slizheuski noted that she currently has a clear edge, which gives it a militant character. The Minister stated that Belarus is a peaceful state that maintains neutrality and does not consider aggression as a way of policy. It is because it is necessary to bring the arms in line with a peace-loving content that it could be perceived positively, according to TUT.BY.

the Changes will affect the images of clover and flax, ribbons, framing colors, shapes of ears. These elements will be more three-dimensional. The contour of the country will be gold — tone in the sunlight. The inscription “Republic of Belarus” will take a more definite form.

Also in the Belarusian coat of arms there is the land on which the delineated contour of Eurasia. On the previous version is visible, mainly Russia. Now it will be replaced on the outline of Europe.

the timing of the replacement of the coat of arms is not specified. Currently, the bill is sent to Parliament.

In Belarus until 1995, were the other national symbols: white-red-white flag and emblem “Pahonia”. With the arrival of Alexander Lukashenko they were changed. It is worth noting that currently the symbolism is regarded as the opposition.

on 7 February took place the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Belarusian colleagues in Sochi. The leaders have agreed on the supply of oil and gas in 2020 and also discussed the prospects of the Union state.