– I’m totally manic. I’ve had a good skyteøkt I just want to shoot more, it has gone bad I will back to take settle the score, ” says Stina Nilsson to NRK on the phone from Östersund.

It is only three weeks since the olympic champion in cross-country skiing, reported the transition to biathlon, but she has not rested one second.

There is especially one thing she is extremely keen on: the Shooting.

NRK has earlier told that she was at the end of march was at 800 shots a week, which was then four times the affected area at the time of the year.

Now, it has taken completely.

Now shoot she 1100 to 1200 shots in a week – it is the extreme number of shots. She shoots more than anyone in the entire world right now. The one day it fired her 460 shots. It is the madness. It is something I have never experienced before, ” says coach Jean-Marc Chabloz.

Goes straight into the national team

He is the new Swedish skytetrener, but also works as Stina Nilssons personal trainer up to the national team collected 1. may.

Stina Nilsson surprised both old and new teammates when she suddenly stopped as langrennsløper to bet on biathlon at the winter OLYMPICS in 2022.

Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/tt / NTB scanpix

When the national team met the press in Östersund on Tuesday, it was clear that Nilsson goes straight into the A-national squad, with an individual programme. The goal is long-term and is called the winter OLYMPICS in 2022.

– I am very happy with the arrangement. It is awesome that I will be by to spar at the same time as I have an individual training programme so I’m not slowing down any, ” says Nilsson.

the Plan is that Chabloz will follow up the 26-year-old Nilsson on the shooting range through the season.

Would bet on the laserskyting

Stina Nilsson on his new home turf; skiskytterstadion in Östersund.

Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/tt / NTB scanpix

But right now is one of his most important jobs to slow her treningsiver.

– She is so “furiously happy” in the shooting, but one must not shoot too many shots so that it takes away the pleasure, ” says Chabloz.

– are I “bortklokkat”, says Nilsson and mean by it that she stopped.

But The skiskytterekspert, Ola Lunde, would have stopped Nilsson long before she reached the 1200 shots. He thinks that it has little effect to shoot so many shots for an inexperienced shooter.

– It is too bad the level of implementation. It is the same as to train large amounts of quiet physical exercise, then you will never be able to go fast on skis, ” says Lunde.

instead of firing 1200 shots, I would have spent time on the lasertrening and made sure that each shot was carried out optimally.

Stina Nilsson has a goal to debut as skiskytter during the Swedish championship in roller skiing in august.