The clubs of the English Premier League against the early championship

football In England we have a serious crisis. The heads of Premier League clubs have dramatically changed their position regarding the pending championship of the country in which Liverpool is leading with a huge margin to 25 points. Now many people want the cancellation of the season and replay from scratch.

While just a week ago during a meeting of representatives of all 20 Premier League clubs, it was decided that the current tournament is the highest division of English needs to be finished. However, in the first place it was not about some kind of sporting justice, and that clubs will have to pay 762 million pounds ($835 million) to the broadcasters if the tournament is interrupted.

And here is the opinion part of the clubs has changed dramatically, reports the online edition of the Athletic. Some of the participants of the championship in favor of an immediate stop of the tournament and replay in the future. Insiders report that increasingly, in private conversations heard, no doubt, it is now possible to play football. There is a belief that playing in front of empty stands during the peak of the pandemic coronavirus is wrong from the point of view of ethics.

In particular, some time ago the Vice-President of the club “West ham United” karren Brady has expressed the view that the results season in the Premier League will be deemed void. To take any decision on the continuation or the restart of the season, need the votes of at least 14 of the 20 clubs.

most Offensive of all, of course, will be to Liverpool, which this did for the other season they lost only one match, nearly beating the all England record for points. If the championship is canceled in favor of competitors “red”, which was not too convincing on the football field, it may be a big scandal.