In the Catholic cantons of yesterday’s Thursday is a holiday. Municipalities of Central Switzerland, Ticino, Valais, Jura, Fribourg, Graubünden, neuchâtel, Solothurn, and also in Aargau celebrate the feast of corpus Christi. And in Aarau, the Swiss Federal gymnastics is celebrated. This has not much to do with Religion. Holy is gymnastics, only the love of the Club.

And because of the common Sport is so nice, he’s camping in numerous fixed-and -stalls also abundantly watered. Depending on the alcohol level and the need for Love-the sweaty hobby athletes, it is not unholy and forth. Or how the “daily Gazette” found when rummaging Through the archive – as a “continuous animal to Drink, and Roar”. Thus, the third turn was fixed in 1843, at the time, also in Aarau, from the “Aargauer Zeitung” described.

The beer deserves to be

Before, but it means the huge “Oktoberfest” at the river “O’zapft is”, is actually done something for the well-deserved beer. With many polysportiven betting the first rising fighting yesterday, a three-club competition days. You are the heart of the Federal. Because this weekend, the heart of the approximately 50,000 out of a total of 70000 participants in a beat.

unlike the top-level sports competitions, the children, women, men and seniors-Membered from all Swiss country do not necessarily share the Federal medals. Being there is everything, for chicken skin groups provides only already-Proudly flying the club flag.

A Turner of Switzerland’s biggest sport-event summarises the fascination this way: “Look around you: the many great sports that many people! Athletics, apparatus gymnastics, Gymnastics, Team aerobics, the national gymnastics such as Stone throwing or stone-lifting –and all start on the same occasion. This is unique in the world!”