Teens should celebrate, fall in love, their role in the world. And maybe learn from their mistakes. However, many of the 450 participants of the climate summit in Lausanne have the feeling that you have no more time. You can get involved in “Fridays for Future”. And feel an immense pressure to prevent the climate catastrophe. You feel The development is running out. And the policy is doing too little.

The IPCC is all right with you. The previous measures are not enough to stop global warming in time to prevent dangerous consequences, such as Floods, famine and refugee crises. To act instead decided to look at the Public prefer to Lausanne and how Teens are breaking under the pressure.

In Germany, have already formed some 40 sub-organizations of the “Fridays for Future”. There are “Parents for the Future,” or “Scientists for the Future”. The sound but the “Fridays to” give yourself, especially students.

More than 40 percent of the participants of the climate summit were underage. “We are here because we care,” says Finlay Pringles, at the age of eleven, the second youngest of the participants. “Politicians worldwide, the disaster to ignore.”

Greta Thunberg, with the school strikes, the movement took its beginning, would prefer to go back to school. You had to remind yourself regularly that your commitment to “have a good purpose,” said the 16-Year-old in Lausanne. “This is a burden. And a responsibility that we should not bear young at all.”

she’s right.