the City will return self-employed 495 million rubles of taxes paid in 2019, said the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Yefimov. br>
Payments are based on, which last year paid a tax on professional income earned in the capital.

On the return of tax for the year 2019 may 11, announced the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. In addition, in the amount of one minimum wage, which they can use for settlements with the budget on tax payments in 2020.

According to the Vice-mayor, at the moment, together with the Federal authorities worked out the most simple way return of previously paid funds.

on may 1, 2020, in Moscow as self-employed were registered 275 thousand people. Their total taxable income exceeded $ 54 billion.

self-employed Muscovites often do the photography, cleaning and handmadepaper in Federal law will give self-employed citizens new opportunities to participate in public procurement

a Tax on professional income operates in 23 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. They are subject providing services to other people and organizations citizens who have no employer and employees.

the self-employed Status allows you to deduct the tax from activities in the amount of four percent of income if it is received from individuals, or six percent, if legal. Annual income of self-employed citizen is not to exceed 2.4 million rubles.