the City issued preferential loan of 100 million rubles of the company “Diagnostika-M” — the manufacturer of systems of maintenance of antiterrorist safety. The funds the organization has received in the framework of the city program of support of industry and business on the further development of production.

“Diagnostika-M” — resident of a special economic zone (SEZ) “Technopolis “Moscow””. The company since 1992, is considered one of the leaders of not only domestic but also global market. It produces introscopes, stationary and portable inspection systems, special equipment for cargo inspection and detection of hazardous and prohibited items and substances, and medical devices based on x-rays. The equipment of the company are exported to many countries. It is used in major airports, railway stations, stadiums and public events.

to Obtain such a loan may be the only company with positive credit history and business reputation. Still, it must have net assets and net profit for the last year and to operate for at least two years from the date of registration. Cannot be in bankruptcy, having debts and late payments.

the Company, meet the conditions, can apply for a loan in the amount of from 20 to 100 million rubles. The share of financing in the project cannot exceed 70 percent of the total cost, that is its own and loan funds the borrower must be at least 30 percent.

“the Opportunity to get a soft loan for development of the company, including working capital, is one of preferences and exemptions from municipal authorities for residents of the special economic zone “Technopolis “Moscow”. The company “Diagnostika-M” became the resident of the SEZ this year and have been able to get the support of the city. The company will invest own money, thus replenish working capital — purchase of raw materials and components and bring its production to a new level of competitiveness both in Russia and abroad”, — said the head of the Department of investment and industrial policy Alexander Prokhorov.

Today, Moscow is actively helping entrepreneurs. For example, they may want to apply for a deferment of payments on principal payments for up to six months upon receipt of preferential loans in the amount of five million rubles. To obtain or refinance loans on preferential conditions are the subjects of small and medium enterprises engaged in all sectors of the economy and regardless of credit.