The city authorities asked BlaBlaCar closed

the Outbreak of coronavirus and uncertainty COVID-19 in Russia, can get another non-obvious consequence: the work of the service of joint visits may be suspended. The leadership in Moscow feared that an uncontrolled trip will aggravate the situation.

The Twitter account of “Moscow transport” there was an appeal, addressed to the management of the service BlaBlaCar, which allows you to organize carpools. The appeal contained a request to suspend the service (“ask to suspend all trips”) and the reference to the decree of the Moscow mayor.

as the reasons for the suspension work mentioned was the lack of monitoring system health driver that may result in the spread of coronavirus.

meanwhile, it is necessary to remind that the service BlaBlaCar is not a kind of aggregator of taxi service: in fact, it is only a tool by which people who go to private long-distance travel, find travel companions. These companions, in turn, can compensate the drivers part of the cost of the trip, but the guide BlaBlaCar has repeatedly stressed that they are not a means of income for drivers. Accordingly, the service may simply not be the technical possibility of monitoring the health status of its users.

However, according to statistics of the company, is the world’s largest such service: the possibility to choose travel companions or travel associated with machines are used to 35 million.

Text: Avtovesti