In the United Kingdom an increasing popularity the idea is to give the citizens recovered coronavirus and having immunity from it, special documents which will allow them to adhere to the strict regime of isolation. This decision may be the salvation for the Kingdom’s economy, but experts warn that the results “immune passports” could lead to a new wave of infections, this time lucid.

the American writer O Henry is the magnificent story of “the Pharaoh and the chorale”. The essence of this story is that a tramp, Soapy was trying to get into prison, to spend the winter in the warmth and relative comfort. This is the paradox – in principle, no one wants to be in prison, but in the case of the O’henry story about imprisonment and dreams of the main character.

This paradoxical situation can emerge in Britain nowadays. There may suddenly appear a group of people hoping to contract the coronavirus. The reason for that is “immune passport”, which will be removed from its owner all the limitations that imposes on his activity pandemic. And many Britons are willing to risk health to get it.

Talking about the testing went when this week the health Minister Matt Hancock announced the government’s plans to purchase millions of antibody tests that will determine whether people develop immunity to coronavirus and can work wherever objectively there is a risk of infection.

Scientists sounded the alarm, this approach can lead to discrimination of workers on the fact whether they have antibodies to COVID-19.

the note from the expert group to the Minister of health has the following statement: “some workers may be discriminated against on the basis of the status of antibodies. This may include a ban for those who have a negative test for the antibodies to return to work, or hire new employees with positive test results for antibodies”. Scientists warn that such inequalities can lead to disaster.

According to the experts, even officially registered employers will give preference to people who can work without any restrictions and fear of getting sick. And that’s not even taking into account the shadow market, where a certificate of immunity to the coronavirus can be generally a mandatory requirement for employees.

This creates several dangers.

first, there is a risk that such certificates will begin to forge. If this happens, then the whole idea of dividing people into those who are at risk and those who are out of it already out will be impaired.

second, haven’t proven that the man, already ill with the coronavirus, receives protection from all ��other strains of the disease. In this situation, the results of the “immune passports” will directly threaten their carriers – they will be sent to the dangerous from the epidemiological point of view places having no real immune system, however, convinced of his invulnerability.

But the most dangerous even not this. The most dangerous thing that the creation of a document that gives serious advantages in job search can lead to a sudden outbreak among the British. Scientists are afraid that the people who in their own opinion are not at risk may be trying to intentionally infected with coronavirus to obtain a document giving the right to leave the isolation mode, as well as help with applying for a job.

If these cases become widespread, the epidemic will only increase its scale, and the medical system cannot cope with the coronavirus. Moreover, to predict the course of disease in any patient is almost impossible. Therefore, massive attempts to “immune passports” could lead to an increase in the number of victims.

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