At this time the world’s first Museum of circus art to celebrate birthday.

the opening day will unfold in front of the circus, it is devoted to a little-known album facsimile pictures “Au Cirque” (“circus”), stored in the collections of the Museum. The author, a distinguished French painter, lithographer, master of posters and a sincere lover of the circus arts, the count Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (the end of XIX century). The Paris circus was the source of his inspiration.

As the press service of the Bolshoi St. Petersburg circus, the artist spent hours watching acrobats, jugglers, tightrope walkers, and trapeze artists and clowns, practiced rehearsing complicated tricks.

a Special pleasure it gave riders and horses, which he drew from childhood. In the circus reigned measured concentrated atmosphere daily a busy, sometimes exhausting work, without which it cannot exist, the artist, and memories of which saved the artist in the days of hospital stay.

the Album “Au Cirque” (“circus”) was published in Paris in 1905 after the death of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec included the figure 22.

In the Preface, which was asked to write art critic Alexander Arsen by the artist himself, he noted that the most surprising in these sheets that they filled Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec from memory without using any auxiliary materials. “When I reviewed these works devoted to the circus that we capture and captivate in the hours of work and rest, to watch the “laughter through tears”, in all periods of our life, I found every reason to love and enjoy Lautrec. I again noted the wide style of his drawings, the accuracy of his observations, sharp assessment of his judgments, it even seemed to me that over time they have become even more important”.

in All there were 200 numbered copies of the album, the 29th album in 1930 the Museum acquired the circus arts.

the Exhibition will run only until 9 August. August 10 morning it is dismantled. Enrolled in advance by telephone guests 9 August waiting for the author’s excursion.

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the circus art Museum in Bolshoi Saint Petersburg state circus is considered a unique treasure trove of ideas and achievements of circus world. Since inception on 8 August 1928, its most important functions were the collection, preservation, study and popularization of the world’s circus heritage. Here for 92 years bring materials about the work of circus artists. Meeting at the St. Petersburg circus is still the only one in Russia, the reflective material at the circus heritage of the whole world, and the Museum – the only one leading in this area at the same time scientific research, publishing and excursio��ing activities.