Just some of the artists had set up their tent in the town square of Sankt Michaelisdonn (district of Dithmarschen), as the new measures made a dash through the bill: Instant Tour stop due to Corona!

It should be excited in the next time actually children’s eyes light up and spectators with the performances of the circus “Granada”.

The family Lauenburger planned farm animals ideas with artists and camels, horses, cattle, dogs and other. But even before the first Show in Sankt Michaelisdonn, the protection given to known measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus` – and the family had to pack up.

a family business with two Pregnant women standing in front of the Ruin

For the family Lauenburger this is a blow of fate, with approximately 40 animals of the small family is now facing financial Ruin.

What aggravates the whole Situation: two of the “family members” are expecting a baby. Marleen Lauenburger, the wife of the circus boss Manuel Lauenburger and also the Kamelkuh Laika are pregnant or pregnant.

In camel birth it could even be a historic event. The mayor of the Northern German province, Volker Nielsen, stated that this would be the first camel birth in the entire County.

But as the operation itself, until then the water is questionable, a maximum of four weeks, the fodder-rich and cash reserves only.

Corona-destiny: community wants to help

However, the municipality wants to seize the family under the arms and turned her, free of charge, a grazing area in the bed space available. The circus boss is expecting a minimum of two and a half months of forced break – so the free stand alone is not sufficient. The circus is now in need of food and monetary donations in order to survive the crisis.

Some citizens have a heart and help where they can. Kerstin Reeberg lives in the neighborhood, and brought the lukewarm burgers been food and money, and even the mayor himself already had established a donation account to support the family.

The balmy burgers hope now that it is slipping due to the misery in the Bust and thus, in the future, any children, eyes more glow can bring. (se) Corona-Trend continues: the curve is more flat! PCP Corona-Trend continues: the curve is more flat!

*The contribution of “food and money for only a few weeks,” is published by Mopo. Contact with the executives here.