Breu your dream of a circus only lasted 13 days. How does it feel?
Beat Breu: , of Course, that’s not nice. But under these circumstances, it is a relief, I’m glad to be over this ordeal. First there were the outer circumstances. We were not able to get the animals in Switzerland, and also the Moroccan workers were not allowed to enter the country. Nevertheless, we have brought to the circus in Switzerland and started. Then internal problems came to be.

The cooperation with our circus landlords Adolf Lauenburger has become impossible. The sentiment on the first day at the Premiere in Winterthur. An example: We have been engaged Valentina Pellanda, which has wonderfully guided through the program. In this framework, they gave the artists instructions. This did not fit the Mr Director. Among the artists of his daughters, by the way, also get a higher Gage than the others are. He obviously can’t handle it, that he is the boss. And then these little rascals, pranks, how to hide microphones, as no one can be different.

Maybe my wife and I were a little naive. We were looking for a circus, and the family Lauenburger to come to us. She has presented at the beginning, very different, all were always very friendly. When you were in Switzerland, has suddenly changed. Me, personally, names are not important, but he calls the staff “riff-raff”. And there has been gross accusations against me and Heidi, the worst slander are. However, we will defend ourselves if necessary, with a lawyer.

We knew that it will be difficult at first, especially in August. There were already reservations for our nearest Station is Dietikon. It could’ve worked; it needs 100 viewers, so that we have enough revenue. And we would have made more, it would not be escalated. I would like to emphasise, however, that we have pulled the plug. We have said that it is ready, not Lauenburger.

It is true that the whole circus costs with all the numbers for each week 10’000 Swiss francs. The animal numbers, it has been never belong. We have rented a ready-made circus, but much of it was not working and had to be renewed. The cost for a new compressor, cables, curtain and a living, in the it in has rained, went to the car all on my cap. The caravan was meant for the four Romanian workers, who are also never came. We spent a total of about 13’000 Swiss francs. We expect from time with Lauenburger.

This is bachab, we had to pay the rent for the stands and the performers all have to get their reward.

We do not gnaw on the hunger cloth, it has also provided revenue. In addition, it was not only the money from the Crowdfunding, for us must make no one Worry. We live in a mobile home, because we want to. Our apartment we have quit, because we were always barely there. Now nothing is holding one to two months, but we will be back. I’m not giving up on my dream.

We have lost a stage, but not the race. We don’t come back, just in this Size. It was a beautiful tent, but with 400 seats, it was too big. We would prefer to be able to something Smaller, where we turn on ourselves, and exercise.

Yes, the part of the circus. But not from abroad. It doesn’t have to be camels. There are also goats, pigeons, donkeys, or dogs.