the project Mospeada prepared virtual tour “the Primroses”. Participate in it can all attend from the comfort of home.

Specialist of the environmental education center “Sparrow hills” talks about the different types of primroses, which can be found on the natural territories of Moscow and Moscow region. These include Chistyakov spring, Corydalis dense, goose onions, Scilla Siberian. Viewers will learn what types of flowers listed in the Red book and why it is important to respect nature.

Videos can be seen on pages Mospeada in social networks , , , and and . The entry is saved, so to go on tour it will be possible in any other day. You can find her using hashtag #Prirodnie and #Virtualmachineerror.

In the owl Kingdom: at the Moskvoretsky Park will hold a virtual tour of wind chimes and a wooden xylophone: an online excursion in the Park “Kuzminki-Lublin”

the Project “Nature on remote” . It combines games, quizzes, tests, workshops, crosswords, quiz, travel to the ecocentres and natural areas of Moscow.