the triggers for the investigation were data of the telecommunications equipment supplier Huawei. The Chinese company have declared, for you to certain packages had been diverted.

Huawei have been set by the U.S. government on a “Black list” and will cut off from Software Updates and component deliveries. The investigations against Fedex could be a part of the revenge measures against customs duties and other obligations of the U.S. government against Chinese companies. On Friday, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce had announced that it will soon publish a list of “unreliable” companies and individuals that violate the interests of Chinese companies.

The Chinese state Council announced that this Sunday the policy paper “China should be published in the Chinese-American economic and trade consultations”. Whether it is the Ministry of economy announced in the paper, remained open in the first place.

Huawei had already explained on Friday, it’ll check his relations to Fedex. The telecommunications company accuses the US logistics company, two of Huawei in the Asia-addressed packages in the USA are redirected, and to have this in two other shows tried. Fedex explained that it was subject to errors. There is no “external” pressure packages to redirect.

The American-Chinese relations deteriorated even in areas beyond trade policy. The acting Minister of defense Patrick Shanahan announced at a security conference in Singapore, China, a tougher approach. Probably the greatest danger for the States in the Region came from actors who wanted to the rule-bound international cooperation, said Shanahan.

“We will not ignore the Chinese Behave, and in the past it has made on my toes with a bow on it.” The USA disturb to Chinese territorial claims in the South China sea to threats against Taiwan, which is considered by the government in Beijing as part of China.