The Chinese government is ready to remove restrictions from Wuhan

the Chinese Authorities will abolish the restrictions on entry and exit of the population from the Hubei province on March 25. Since April 8 will be lifted the ban on transport links with the city of Wuhan, which became the focus of the spread of coronavirus. This is stated in the statement of the State Committee on Affairs of health care in the region.

This decision was taken against the background of improvement of the epidemiological situation.

Wuhan City from January 23 virtually isolated from the outside world. Was stopped all the traffic, didn’t go the buses, metro and ferries were closed stations. In the city it was impossible to pass. Severely restricted and the regime around the city, residents were forbidden to leave the apartments, reminds RIA Novosti.

11 Mar flash COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. According to the latest who data, the world is already infected more than 355 thousand people, more than 16 thousand died.