There were actually of Chinese tourists on Monday morning in Lucerne. Also if Lucerne day-to-day, against 20’receives 000 guests, was on this morning, obvious that this must be a special day for all the days of tourism.

Finally, it is also the largest travel group that traveled in Switzerland, Markus Berger, media spokesperson for Switzerland tourism, said at the request of the news Agency Keystone-SDA. Switzerland tourism was involved in the long preparation phase of this trip.

so Far, 3000 Chinese stayed on in Switzerland. This was 2017, and the trip was organised in a similar way to the present. On average, the groups of 100 to 200 people.

of The 12’000-strong travel group consists of Chinese people who have been invited as a particularly successful seller of your employer on a so-called “Incentive trip”. Originally, it was calculated this Time, too, with 3000 guests. Now, it is a 12’000. “The company was surprised by this influx,” said Berger.

The effect of this exception, a travel group, but it was for Switzerland a very positive one, said Berger. The desire of the participants, in this context, for the first Time to travel to Switzerland, was very large, and they exerted themselves and were rewarded, said Berger.

So the Trip was on the one hand, for many Chinese, a door opener for later, on the other hand, such trips would take place in the off-season and earnings were the drum for the tourism destinations.

Berger is not, but some believe that groups of this size in the future, the Norm. To the great logistical effort.

How big this is, white Mario Lütolf, Director of the city and events of the city of Lucerne. The city used to be extra prepared for these days, a mobility concept, as he said, compared to the regional journal of Central Switzerland, from Swiss Radio SRF.

Finally, the guests do not have to be driven only in the city for shopping or a boat cruise. On Monday evening, a Dinner with a big Show takes place on the Allmend in Lucerne edge of the city.

The Cars from Zurich and Basel to Park on the Allmend and the Inseli. To prevent a mess, the place you don’t have the station or pilot pier. For the Chinese guests, a Shuttle was set up.

many Chinese, the canvass of these days in Lucerne, the Swiss francs to spend. The Mario Lütolf says. You have projected that several millions of francs added value.