The Chinese authorities announced a new stage of the spread of coronavirus

Photo credit: TASS/David Chang/EPA

the Ability of a new type of coronavirus can be transmitted from person to person increased. The epidemic turned into a more serious and complicated stage. This was stated by the head of the state Committee on Affairs of health of China MA Saova.

“the Virus has already moved from the stage of transmission from animals to humans to the point where it is passed from person to person. Apparently, the ability distribution is only strengthened”, – quotes its TASS.

the Minister added that the virus began to adapt to the existence in the human body. In this regard, it is possible to speak about a new phase of spread of the disease.

the specialists of the Centre for control and prevention of diseases of China started the development of a vaccine against the new coronavirus that causes pneumonia.

Scientists have already identified a strain of the virus. Now they take drugs, which effectively counteract the pneumonia caused by a coronavirus.

on Sunday, the number of people infected with coronavirus in China has exceeded 2 thousand persons, 56 patients died. More than half of all cases were reported in Hubei province, which is the focus of the spread of the disease.

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