The chief of EuroDeposit called on the EU to abandon the principle of unanimity

Brussels should abandon the principle of unanimity in making decisions, said EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy, Josep Borrell.

Speaking at the Munich security conference Sunday, February 16, Borrell suggested gradually make steps towards the abandonment of this principle. “For example, if 25 countries advocate, they should be able to make a decision. Otherwise paralysis”, he explained.

Now any decision of the European Union requires the unanimity of all 27 member countries of the community, therefore the process is often delayed.

Borrell also said that the EU must learn to speak the language of force and to act. “Europe needs to develop the appetite for power, desire to act,” he said.

In this regard, the head of European diplomacy reminded that the next meeting of foreign Ministers of 27 countries — EU members will be held on February 17. According to Borrell, it will show whether the European Union to act.

the agenda of the meeting of the EU Council on 17 February, the conflict in Syria, the situation in Libya and middle East settlement, TASS.