Maria Popova

discussing the dismissal of chief editor Maria Popova, who today have reported on instagram that he no longer holds this position. The news about what happened change she published against the background of the rainbow flag, which gave rise to rumors hint at the reason for it.
Honey, Yes, I was fired! Love to all, — posted by Popov in Facebook.

Maria Popova
the Telegram channel “Antigenic” suggested that the dismissal has something to do with Mary’s statements in social media about the amendments to the Constitution, against which she stood. In particular, June 2, Popov drew the attention of his followers on the amendment in the 72nd article of the Constitution, which refers to the protection of the institution of marriage as the Union of a man and woman.
Longtime editor-in-chief Masha Popova went with things on the way out. Judging by the rainbow background for your civic position on the amendments to the Constitution, against which Mary actively advocated and criticized the fashion industry for omission — suggested channel.

Chief editor Maria Popova was almost 8 years, and previously held a similar position in the Buro 24/7.