Photo: TV channel Moscow 24

General Director of hotel “Art-Moscow voykovsky” where hospitalized seven Chinese nationals with a high temperature, Mikhail Volkov told the Moscow 24 TV channel about the incident.

“the Situation began in the afternoon: the two guests became ill, they went to the hospital, it was decided to call an ambulance. Be vigilant and caused all services: CPS, representatives of the Ministry of health, launched the staff to prevent any possibility of infection,” – said Volkov.

According to the Director of the hotel, the medics arrived promptly, surveyed the guests and decided about hospitalization.

“in the Morning the girl was hospitalized with angina, later another six guests took with SARS. According to my sources, they are all in Infectious clinical hospital № 1”, – said Volkov.

He also added that the surveys are all PRC citizens who reside in the hotel.

“Also scheduled for today another two races, so everyone who arrives from China, is examined by increasing the temperature and the external signs of the disease,” concluded the CEO.

Earlier it was reported that in Voykovskaya district on the North of Moscow hospitalized Chinese citizens with a high temperature.

the Chinese Authorities on 31 December notified the world health organization about the outbreak of pneumonia of unknown type in Wuhan. The causative agent, the 2019 coronavirus-nCoV – was set on 7 January.

the who declared the outbreak a national emergency for China, but refrained from declaring an international emergency.

According to the latest data, the number of deaths from the coronavirus in China rose to 41, the number of infected has increased to 1372 people. According to Rospotrebnadzor, cases of a new type of pneumonia among Russians have been identified.

China on Monday to suspend sending tourists abroad

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