1. January 2019 SVP-man Ueli Maurer (68) assumes the office of the Federal President of Alain Berset (46 SP). Maurer is the Primus inter pares – First among equals – in the state government.

masons know the role already, was he in 2013 when the Federal President. And so he also knows that all sorts of obligations and privileges are associated with the Post. These are also recorded in the so-called Aide-mémoire for the members of the Federal Council.

12’000 Swiss francs salary-Boon

The gross annual income of the Federal Council is 451’417 Swiss francs (as of 1. January 2019) and a fee of annually CHF 30’000 for it comes up.

The Federal President can look forward to in his presidential year, a further Boost of 12’000 Swiss francs!

representational duties at home and abroad

Maurer represented the Federal Council in the year 2019 In the country and abroad. As Federal President he can take part in all international conferences, and invitations of heads of state and heads of government to adopt.

To his specifications in Germany is also one to two state visits and other official visits, courtesy visits in the rule. The new year’s reception of the foreign ambassadors, as well as two events with the diplomatic corps are all on the program. Add to that the Delivery of the letters of credence of foreign ambassadors, which is also the Federal President performs.

a Lot of Talk …

Also, some of the presidential duties with a representative character belonging to Mason program: About the new year’s address, according to a presidential dinner with the Federal house and the foreign press, the 1.-August-speeches “to the Swiss people” and “the Switzerland of the Swiss” or the speech on the day of the sick.

So that the load is not too large, can entrust the Federal Council, but also his other members, as well as the Chancellor, with representation tasks.

– session management in Bern, and “extra muros”

As the Federal President directs masons as a rule, the weekly Federal Council meetings. He is, together with the Federal Chancellery for “an optimal session in preparation for an efficient and result-oriented session history”. Of these, the state government’s decisions.

but Must be due to a special situation, an extraordinary Decision, decided by the Federal President, in consultation with the Federal Chancellery, if an extraordinary meeting or a telephone conference will be convened or whether the Whole thing can at best be in the circular method.

In urgent cases, he shall be the sole

In urgent emergencies Maurer may alone, the so-called presidential decisions – it must, however, in the hindsight of the colleagues approve of that.

Mason also specifies whether and when the Federal Council meetings “be extra held muros” – outside the Berns. In 2018, for example, we went to St. Gallen.

Maurer is the tour guide

Once a year, the Federal President is the tour guide. Then, when the annual Federal Council the need to travel arises. The Federal President represents his colleagues, his origin, the Canton of, at least in his first time as President.

For a further term of office, the election of the cantons, the Federal President. Mason has so this time, the full freedom of choice, where the “Schulreisli”. Whether he makes the Canton of Zurich?

presidential donation of 5,000 francs

wall is a beautiful privilege to come this year: He is allowed to donate 5,000 francs from the presidential Fund “to support needy individuals or charitable organizations” according to their own discretion.

In his first presidential year in 2013, Maurer showed heart for the disabled. At the time, he left the 5000-franc-Boost for the Association Insieme Zürich Oberland.