The Championships of France and Germany on football suspended due to coronavirus

the German football League announced that the championship will be suspended after the matches of the current tour until 2 April. Monday, there will be a meeting at which the decision will be approved. Meanwhile, in the current weekend all Bundesliga matches will be held without spectators.

Photo: iStock UEFA has postponed all matches in European competitions next week

“the Presidium decided to propose to the steering body to suspend the holding of matches in both leagues from 17 March to 2 April. We have a goal to finish the season to fly,” says the statement of the DFL.

Professional football League of France announced the suspension of the national championship in the highest and first divisions. In contrast to Germany, the leaders of the French League while not talking about how long the pause in the championship. It is reported that a lot will depend on the situation of coronavirus in the country.

Previously, due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus was suspended leagues of Spain, Italy, France and Portugal.