The championship of Russia on football has renewed scandal: who got hurt in fights

Before the winter break active fans of Russian clubs tried to prove that they are the power. After mass arrests without good reason, and the ban on visiting matches on different dates, the fans in the last round held a protest action — in large quantities left the rostrum right in the middle of the game, and supported the idea supporter almost all clubs of Russia. In such unison, they, perhaps, had never spoken. And it seemed that a few months of hibernation and all will be forgotten and the championship of Russia on football will resume with a clean slate. But still a good memory on both sides.

One of the most explosive in the round was the meeting of “Dynamo” and “Spartak” at “VTB Arena”. Surprisingly, for two and a half hours before, a few kilometers from the new Dynamo stadium, CSKA took the “Ural”. In the North-West of Moscow law enforcement authorities again allowed the beyond the allowable concentration irreconcilable fans, and received a mass brawl is not only about stadiums, but also in the center of Moscow. Assign the matches on different days of RPL could not, because next Wednesday in the quarterfinals of the Cup of Russia will meet “Spartak” and CSKA, and be one of the clubs for a day less of rest, whining and complaints can not be avoided. And through the third day of our clubs to play are not used to. The police agreed to this, but of power, apparently, is not calculated.

“Green” branch of the Moscow metro, as usual, was under special supervision of the security services in the morning, but a fight at the station “Pushkinskaya” to prevent, they could not. It all started with obscene charges at each other, and ended up lying in the carriages and on the platform people after a few dozen white-blue and red-and-white for 20 minutes, kneaded each other right under the arches of one of the most beautiful stations.

Immediately after this, near the new Dynamo stadium composition of approximately forty people “covers” the trolley. As reported by telegrams-channel Ofnews, red-and-white Dynamo attacked together with friendly fans CSKA. “Three minutes of logging in the bus. Fighting draw,” writes the author of the channel. At least one man, 31-year-old Vladimir Shchedrin with a head injury hospitalized to the 1st clinical hospital.

a Mass fan brawl in the center of Moscow — the phenomenon we have already almost forgotten. Collision if it happened recently, either the “contractual” somewhere in the vicinity, or it was a skirmish in suburban trains. Perhaps, opposition fans and power returns to the previous level. You pressed us, and we respond as best I can. Moreover, that demonstration of power today too overdone.

We have already talked about the good memories on both sides. The fans have not forgotten, which protested against before the break, the police have not forgotten that it is impossible to avoid. So the banners and posters and even t-shirts with slogans such as “Fan — not a criminal” or “Freedom for ultras”, is reportedly a fan resource ruthlessly seized. Moreover, the inspection was so slow and careful with the stewards (recall that inspect is now in the stadiums, but not police officers supervisors-managers, in which, however, can change anyone) that a lot of fans for too long stood in the cold with virtually no movement.

Dynamo Fans complained that the stadium did not let them pre-approved performance. According to the telegram-channel “press box”, it was a large canvas based on the painting by Vasily Vereshchagin, “the Apotheosis of war”, where instead of skulls was a picture of the pig’s head.

After the match the guest bleachers with the fans of “Spartacus” again for a long time not released, closing the gate early, even before the final whistle. However, in Russian football are nothing new. Sometimes that two hours of sitting, especially in St. Petersburg. The base is always the same: to prevent the intersection of the fan flows.

In the Russian football is not just nothing changes. Even worse: it all comes back. And now, welcome back in the 90s?

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