The Marakana is not a stadium that suddenly appears on the horizon, and then in full glory in front of you when you approach him. It is a Patchwork, a tinkering of the first of the flood light masts as a point of reference is true. After that, the wall that surrounds it. To see the stadium in its entirety, one must have a bird’s-eye view of any kind.

If you move around it, you are surprised in a different way. Because all of a sudden a tank shows up there. Strange. The war Museum is in a completely different place. And then the vehicle is guarded by two Stewards.

“red star attacks with tanks YB to”

Now, the solution to the puzzle: It is a tank you should have captured in the war in Vukovar in today’s Croatia. The Message is clear, the tabloid “Informer”, says it directly: “red star is attacking with tanks, Young Boys!” The causes, in turn, of course, reactions from Croatia. Not because of YB. Because of the tank, so the Serb troops to have captured in Vukovar never. Rather, it was one of the few Serbian tanks that had survived the war of salvation, writes, “Jutarni list”. And further: “Morbid provocation from Belgrade! You want to be in the Champions League celebrations but one of the worst criminals. The supporters of red star and the club itself seem to glorify to continue the Aggression against Vukovar and Croatia. And without shame.”

In “Večernji List”, also from Croatia, it is said: “The supporters of red star are known for that they [the war criminal] Ratko Mladić and Dragoljub Mihajlović [in 2. World war] party. And a banner, on which in Cyrillic script, Vukovar is, belongs to the Standard of your choreographies.” The tank you have by the way next to the wall picture of Mladic.

In Belgrade is, however, trivialized the action. “Sportska centrala” writes: “The ‘Delije’ have prepared before the game against YB a Surprise. You have a T-55 tank in front of the stadium hung as a sign of soldiers ‘ devotion of the followers of red star. The tank is intended to serve as a tourist attraction and for Fans and supporters as a subject to serve.”

be that As it may Skew the action seems to be in every case. Similarly, the response of Uefa to a demand by tele-club, whether the set-Up of a tank was right next to the stadium is legitimate. Uefa dismissed: “The tank in front of the stadium is not a Problem, as long as it is not shot.”