The chamber returned to the budget of 4.5 billion rubles

But this does not mean that all the money is lost or wasted. The main complaint of SP associated with the violation of the budgetary funds to the financial reporting rules. That is, in the documents misrepresented the amount. There were also errors due to incorrect inventory and structurally unstable disorders, for example, mixed up the numbers in the adjacent rows when completing financial statements.

Photo: Mikhail Voskresensky/ RIA Novosti the chamber presented the audit plan for the year 2020

For grave breaches of accounting rules and errors as a result of inventory punished with fines. Responsible 436 officers, of whom 188 reprimanded, and fired 23 people.

the Funds returned to the budget, in SP I think one of the main achievements. The most effective in this respect was to check the Sheremetyevo customs. As revealed by auditors of the company have stated false information about imported aircraft. In the end, the Federal budget fell short of customs duties by 1.83 billion. These funds are almost fully recovered.

Another 200 million rubles auditors joined the Treasury as a result of verification of efficiency of use of funds allocated for support of small forms of managing. But in this case, the unused money remained in the accounts of the farmers, but had to go back to the budget. The major part of the Ministry of agriculture has also returned to the budget.

there was a thematic inspection, their SP began to implement last year. The main challenge in this case is to identify the problem to correct the situation. For example, checking the effectiveness of the use of funds allocated in 2017-2018 for the purchase of wheelchairs for the disabled. Found out that strollers still achieved only 78% of those who need them Russians. The reasons that competitive procedures start late and are long, to the same contracts at the end of the year may be terminated, including due to low product quality. As a result of the wheelchair disabled citizens are waiting up to 300 days.

After the inspection of the accounts chamber responsible 436 officers, of whom 188 reprimanded, and 23 people dismissed

public Procurement is generally a separate complex topic. According SP, the greatest damage to the budget has occurred due to incorrect feasibility and determine the initial price of the contract concluded with the sole supplier. Extra money out of budget in case of procurement by state agencies from a single supplier or as a result of their inaction against unscrupulous service provider.

Often the state budgetary funds are significantly changing the terms of the contracts, the contractors perform the work after the deadline, and the registry provides false information. Although in recent years the number of violations in public procurement is reduced, said Deputy Director of the Center for professional development of civil servants of Russian Academy of Nikolay Baranov.

Photo: AP Photo/Arek Rataj the chamber: the Protracted struggle with the coronavirus will affect the economy

In the end, the sum of all violations about 316,1 billion rubles, which is 36%, was attributed to improper preparation of the financial statements. Violations for the sum about 217,5 billion (approximately 25% of the total) identified in the analysis and control of formation and execution of the budget. In addition, the joint venture has identified the misuse of money of $ 294,2 million rubles, mainly in budgetary institutions in the implementation of governmental orders. In addition, the chamber has identified inappropriate use ofutilization of funds in the amount of 294,2 million. This is mainly due to the use of subsidies on the state budget-supported institutions.

I Analyzed the SP also attention to the work being done. In 2019, the JV has updated communication products began to implement digital technology. SP began to produce separate reports on the results of control and expert-analytical activities. This attracted the attention of the society to the auditors. Most of the publications in the media was devoted to the analysis of state distribution and screening of domestic films and animations, as well as the implementation of regional programmes of major repairs of houses.

“Cinema and overhaul – the most clear and close to all topics. We watch movies, and the condition of the dwelling also worries us,” – says the sheep.

Analysis of violations allows to predict the risk of not achieving state goals, which ultimately affect the standard of living of the population, noted in the SP. On this basis it is possible to improve the quality of management and choose a new effective strategy, I think in the audit Department.