The chamber pointed to serious problems with the provision of orphans with housing

Despite a seemingly ever-increasing attention of the authorities to the problem of providing orphans with housing, the situation is not only not resolved, it is compounded, according to the chamber.

Analysis of the orders of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation aimed at improving the lives of orphans, for 2017-2019, and implementation of Complex of measures on providing children-orphans with housing 2019-2021 years have shown that, only in 2019, the queue for housing orphans has grown by more than 9% to nearly 280 thousand people.

“Annually on the performance of the obligations of the state to the orphans in the consolidated budgets shall be increased to 32 billion rubles. In 2019 for these purposes at the expense of all sources was sent to 39.2 billion rubles, including from the Federal budget of 7.4 billion rubles (18,8 %), at the expense of regional budgets, 31.8 billion rubles (81,2 %)”, — stated in the report of the joint venture.

At the same time the auditors noted that on the one hand, the money to solve problems is not enough. To time to provide housing for all who are now on the account, you need 264,5 billion. If we allocate money the same amounts as in 2019 (that is, about 39 billion rubles) for these purposes will take 6-7 years.

But on the other hand, funds that are already allocated for these purposes are not fully spent. So in 2018 has not been executed budget assignments by 3.2 billion RUB. That would be enough to approximately 2.3 thousand people.

among the key challenges the auditors indicated in the first place to the serious shortcomings in the regulatory framework, as well as serious gaps in the collection and storage of data on orphans, those in need of housing. In addition, in most regions there is no systematic approach to this issue. Only in several subjects of the Russian Federation pre-compiled waiting lists, according to which the authorities systematically allocate housing (and in some cases, housing certificates). SchEtna the chamber recommends the development of a road map that involved authorities at all levels in its execution.

in addition, the SP propose to simultaneously solve two problems. The first is the provision in 2020, housing the orphans, under the age this year is 18 years of age, in a planned manner. Second — providing with premises of children-orphans, are put on the account and did not receive housing in a fixed period.