KV Oostende is Not unemployment, but a reduction in the wages of the players and coaches of KV Oostende. Those were that last night by sending an e-mail will be informed of the procedure of the previous Dierckens. The president of the poor kustploeg do not see any other option than to pay the players — as in the case of Standard and Anderlecht are back to the base.

basically, the airport of Ostend is 30% of the basic pay, subject to a floor of 4,000 euros gross, by a player or a coach. The theatre group hopes that today will still have an agreement with the president to achieve it, in which case their wages should drop. Just like most of the K11 is hoping Dierckens, that there is no more football will be in 1A. UNTIL on day, a 30 is still a single point is required in order to maintain and to insure. For Dierckens have Waasland-Beveren (belgium), however, is not to be degraded — it’s a pro league with 18 clubs, including Beerschot and OHL. In the meantime, hope Dierckens which Alychlo, the company of Marc Coucke, as yet, a consensus was reached with T, the candidate-buyer, that can’t be found in the Couckes requirements in respect of the alleged outstanding debt and the stadionhuur.