Actor Nikita Dzhigurda criticized the words of the producer Joseph Prigogine about the waste of two million rubles per month. It is reported by “television Program”.

the Artist said that during the quarantine, has spent about 30 thousand rubles per month. However, he, in his words, you drink one yogurt and not eating meat. Dzhigurda said that he knew about the people who live for 8-12 thousand rubles per month. That’s why it’s funny the words of Prigogine, who needs half a million.

Cigrada added that this sum does not include costs for his family, living in France, as there is on 30 thousand it is impossible to live.

Earlier, the Russian and Soviet theater and film actress Evelina Bledans said that can live for a thousand rubles a day. However, she explained that, in General, for a comfortable life is enough 50 thousand rubles per month. In her opinion, the family with lots of children have to be not so easy to live on the money.

In early August, Prigogine questioned the possibility to live on 50 thousand roubles. “I think people who say that in a month you can live to 30-50 thousand rubles, they dissemble,” said he, adding that spends at least a half to two million rubles a month.