experts of the research center “ROMIR” has calculated how much an average family of Russians spend a month on food during the period of self-isolation and how much was spend after the lifting of restrictions. But at the same time found out what the amount of monthly takes us to all sorts of other expenses.

the Correspondent of “MK” got interested in what this “other spending”? And we went to the Mall to find out: what, besides food, pull your money residents of the capital?

For comparison, the experts give the following figures.

May: total expenses of an average Russian family – 57,6 thousand RUB From them was spent on food – 23,9 thousand rubles, which accounted for 42% of total spending.

June: total expenses – 58 thousand RUB From them to food – 21 thousand rubles, which is 36% of total payments.

So despite the fact that, in General, with the lifting of the isolation regime, the Russians began to spend more to eat at the same time they have less (or less – that is, buy less delicacies). I wonder where compatriots spend their money, if major items of consumption – cultural, entertainment and sporting events, restaurants, fitness-clubs and foreign tourism is not yet available?

“Sitting at home, citizens have taken up more than usual with no other significant expenditures, – explained specialists of the research center. – And now buyers have the time, desire and the need to purchase goods, access to which they have been deprived for some time.”

to find out what kind of goods door to door sellers from different segments of the food market. Choose a giant shopping complex near the ring road, before the pandemic reputed to be mega-popular.

In clothing stores quite deserted.

– How’s the market? – I am interested at sellers hyped network brand apparel, shoes and accessories.

Oh, compared to zocoronline times – no way! Old collection, which we discount, is more or less taken. Mostly the youth segment. And the new measures only tired to disinfect every…

perfume is not fun:

– the Mass market does not go, – said the Manager of the hall. Exclusiveclub take sometimes, but piece. Decorative cosmetics in General stood up: in the summer, as always, but this year especially. Some deodorants traded, in General.

the Salesman at the sporting goods shares that are bought only good equipment for outdoor games in the fresh air – balls, badminton, Frisbee (“flying saucer”), hulahoop. Shells and form for fitness is almost sold.

In the stationery you don’t even have to pry, the naked eye can see that there is no trade. But the saleswoman complains to herself:

– half of the offices closed holidays, until August could not open! Out of the jewelry box to open not become!

Already prepared to assume that the people releases itsand money in online stores, but here you can see the end of the floor recovery. There is a shop of electronics and household appliances – and for a weekday it can be said, is full!

– What to buy? – elicit from a consultant in the Department of home goods.

– Everything! From kettles, slow cookers and vacuum cleaners to home climate systems for cleaning the air – smiling companion. – Sat for three months bezvylazno home and understand what in their homes is not enough.

In the neighboring Department of electronics is also not complaining. For reviews of floor Manager, most customers interested in laptops, smartphones and televisions.

– When you work mostly from home, so office equipment to upgrade to that buyer, noticing that I was interested in sales. Here I am, for example, for quarantine twice my laptop in for repair took, in the end, he was covered by. So I came for the new tool. Fortunately 50% compensated by the employer.

But the real “Mecca” where Muscovites like to carry their money, waiting for me. It is a detached shopping complex offering all kinds of goods for home, cottage and garden, shopping, construction, repair and decorative.

That’s where natural there is nowhere an Apple to fall! And I’ve never seen so many fragile young ladies in air dresses, intently choosing paint for the fence! In contrast to the racks of expensive perfume, between the shelves with the building Board roam crowds. Families with small children roll in front of a truck full of clogged different utensils from shovels and rakes to fertilizer bags and plants in pots. In the Department of electrical, among which I can distinguish only a drill, too, to the surprise of many of the fair sex. One of them fiddles with the chainsaw…

well, then you can not go, everything is clear. Freeing us from offices and public places where the right clothes and accessories, perfumes and stationery, self-isolation have turned our sights on our own homes. And the delicacies he can wait while the homes will be spotless and convenient – for both work and leisure.