The artistic group center for political beauty (ZPS) has shut down its controversial site for identification of participants of right-wing marches in Chemnitz. The action had been a trap, informed the activists on your Website Soko Chemniz. With each search query in the name field, the extreme Right had delivered unwittingly hints on your own network.

be acted According to the ZPS, the site is a “honey pot” – a website, with the opponent lured. The aim had been that the extreme Right-wing to deliver your “entire network itself, and without realizing it”. For the activists, according to the most searches followed a pattern: most of the users would have searched first for your own name and thus their identity betrayed.

“next, more than 62 percent of the relevant group of visitors have scoured our databases according to family members, before the cut to 6,72 friends or Acquaintances was looking for,” write the Activists. The records provide the ZPS according to his own statement, a “unique opportunity, the ‘network of Chemnitz’ illuminate”. By means of network analysis and data visualization, circles of friends, hubs, followers, and places of stay were relatively easy to evaluate.

The action had triggered a lot of criticism. The managing Director of the German cultural Council, Olaf Zimmermann, spoke of a “problematic” art action”, which does not contribute to clarification, but only the division of our society continue to feed”. It does not matter, “if the pillory real or Fake, and certainly does not justify the aim of this medium,” said Zimmermann.

The ZPS had the action started around three months after the right-hand demonstrations in Chemnitz. On the Website, was called to expose the participants in the marches and in front of their employers, to expose it: “Denounce you to your work colleagues, neighbors or Acquaintances, and you collect immediate cash.”

In Chemnitz, it was the end of August, to the violent death of a man come to the alleged refugee, was stabbed to death. In the result, there were xenophobic Attacks, as well as demonstrations and the right groups. The ZPS has already reached in the past with provocative actions attention. So the activists-among others-the neighbouring house of the AfD-politician Björn Höcke in Thuringia and built in the garden rented a replica of the Berlin Holocaust monument. This was referred to Höcke as a “monument of shame”.