Fraudsters to lure citizens began to use financial unaddressed advertising. About the Agency RIA Novosti said the head of the Department for combating unfair practices of the Bank of Russia Valery Lyakh.

According to him, the attackers abandon the point of advertising. The new scheme does not contain specific information on the type of income or investments, it is designed for a wide audience and plays on the emotions like the call of “make money with us!”.

At the same time in such a is actually financial services not directly offered. “Now the scammers are just playing on the human desire to get rich as well as leave behind the scenes,” said Lyakh.

Earlier, the Central Bank revealed the scheme of deception of the Russians, who enjoyed great popularity with fraudsters during the period of self-isolation. We are talking about people who offer to buy the debt at a supposedly bargain price and offer to negotiate with creditors using a certain affiliation. Another scheme of fraud associated with the illegal Forex dealers.

Also, lately attackers have started to send phishing emails on the topic of racism. In the texts of the letters offered anonymously to speak about the movement Black Lives Matter (BLM) or leave your vote in support of the movement. In each of these files was hidden banking Trojan Trickbot.