The Central Bank said, where the Russians keep their money in mortgages

to Collect the necessary sum for the year, 17% of borrowers and 6% of respondents it required even less time. 29% of borrowers saving for a down payment for 5 years.

Photo: Alexei Nikolsky/press service of the Russian President/TASS Putin recommended to reduce the cost of mortgages

the Central Bank, citing a survey conducted by “Raiffeisenbank”, results and data about how Russians collect money. About 35% of those who are saving up for a down payment, waiting is part of the monthly income. The majority of respondents save money in deposits. Nearly a third of them store the cash at home, less than 7% invest their savings to the point where it will accumulate an appropriate amount. Among the other methods of accumulation are such solutions as the use of debit cards with interest on the balance.

Nearly 62% of Russians who are going in the next year to get a mortgage, independently saved or continue to save money. About 38% of potential mortgage holders want to take advantage of another or several other ways for the formation of the down payment. So, 23% are going to receive funds under the pledge of “old” housing, 20% – to invest in this maternity capital, 13% – to sell the property, and 10% take on this consumer credit.