the Fraudsters are favorable to the volatility of financial markets, reduced incomes, and regime isolation. In January-March, the Central Bank revealed 37 financial pyramids, 254, “black” lender and 53 illegal Forex-dealer.

the Illegal Forex dealers are in fact no financial services do not have, but simply engage in the game for money, said in a video the Director of the Department on combating unfair practices of the Bank of Russia Valery Lyakh.

“But this game is the same as a shell game – in the end, winning only the organizers, and the people are left with nothing, told the Telegraph. – These companies are often registered abroad and working with foreign Internet sites. This is done specifically to complicate any legal proceedings.”

Lock resources that in Russia, illegal financial services, but registered in a foreign domain zones, is a lengthy procedure, which actually makes it impossible to effectively combat them. In the state Duma awaiting a second reading a bill that will allow the Bank of Russia directly, in an extrajudicial procedure to initiate a blocking fraudulent websites.

In the registry of the Bank of Russia only four legal Forex dealer: “PSB-Forex”, “Finam Forex”, “Alfa Forex”, “Forex VTB”.

of Particular danger are also illegal lenders, said the Telegraph. They actively call potential customers and offer them money on credit without references and documents. “Turning to their services, you can only make the situation worse, because fraudsters use aggressive, illegal methods of recovery and does not fulfill their obligations,” warned the Telegraph.

With a reduction in income of many people is the forecast of the Central Bank to enhance the “redolently” offering, for a fee, supposedly to pay for the loan. “The credit, of course, for you, no one pays, the debt remains, and the scammers disappear with your money,” says Lyakh. It is advised to use the opportunities the restructuring of debts according to the law about credit vacation.

the Main signs of fraud are very attractive conditions: very low interest rates on loans and very high – on the alleged deposits, said the Telegraph.

“the Scammers may also promise the citizens a different sort of payment or compensation, send them emails with links to malicious sites, – stated in the message of Bank of Russia. For such proposals you should always attempt to learn from human data of his credit card or to compel the citizen to make a payment (supposedly tax, fines, insurance, etc.) to the address of a certain person. If strangers under whatever pretext of trying to ferret out your credit card details, or force you to make a payment, it is necessary to interrupt communication”.