The Central Bank has announced the collection of applications for purchase of shares of

Moscow, 31 Jan – “News.Economy.” The Bank of Russia from April 1, 2020 begins accepting applications from persons interested in acquiring shares of the “Asian-Pacific Bank” (ATB), the message of the regulator.

Photo: Gabriel Grigorov/TASS

“the Bank of Russia announces the beginning of reception of messages to stakeholders about the intention to participate in the procedures for the sale of shares of Asian-Pacific Bank”, – stated in the message.

Acceptance of applications will be held from 1 to 15 April.

the Bank of Russia became the owner of ordinary and preference shares constituting more than 99.99% of the share capital of ATB, in the framework of financial recovery through the Fund for the consolidation of the banking sector (VCBS).

ATB April was sanitized by 2018 and 14 March 2019 has been put up for auction. To sell the Bank failed, as none of the participants admitted to the auction took part in bidding. The auction was made “Sovcombank” and “Moscow credit Bank”. The starting price of the auction amounted to 9,857 billion rubles, the Bank planned to sell in a Dutch auction, with a gradual decrease in prices and a reversal of the auction, if the price at the stage of decline confirmed at least two participants.

In may 2017 was adopted the law on the Fund of the consolidation of the banking sector (VCBS), created at the expense of the Bank of Russia for financial rehabilitation of banks. This scheme of reorganization provides for the recovery and settlement of debts rehabilitated banks, the recapitalization funds, the Central Bank. After the recovery of the banks, the Central Bank becomes the owner and intends to sell them at public auction.

the First large Bank that came under reorganization through FCBS was “FC Opening” in August 2017 PCBS Then began the reorganization of other large banks – “Bank”, “Promsvyazbank”, Bank “trust”. The Fund has engaged in recovery and “Growth-Bank”, Bank “Soviet” and “Asian-Pacific Bank” (ATB).

First sale was exhibited ATB – at public auction March 14, 2019 Text: News.Economy