the Bank of Russia expects a further increase in annual inflation. This is stated in the materials published on site control may 18.

“In April 2020, annual inflation amounted to 3.1%, which is 0.6% higher than in March. The acceleration of the current growth of prices is temporary and is associated with increased demand for food and basic necessities in the conditions of introduction in the Russian regions of mode isolation, and also occurred in the first quarter of the weakening of the ruble. In the future, the likely increase in annual inflation, including as a result of release from the calculation of the lowest values of the summer and autumn of 2019”, — stated in the message.

At the same time as the exhaustion of short-term proinflationary effects predominant factor will be the disinflationary impact of declining domestic and external demand due to the restrictive measures against the epidemic of coronavirus, said the controller.

According to the forecast of the Central Bank, annual inflation for the year will amount to 3.8−4.8% and will continue to stay at around 4%.

April 6, Rosstat reported that inflation in March amounted to 0.6%. Such value inflation reached against the background of excessive demand for food and commodities in the spread of coronavirus.