The Central Bank does not allow banks to increase transfer fees

the Central Bank will limit Bank fee for transfers, in case of overstatement, this was stated by first Deputy Chairman of the regulator, Olga Skorobogatova.

She noted that credit organizations should not set the tariffs in 1-1,5%. In the opinion of the Central Bank, these rates are simply unacceptable.

This is a high price to pay, provided that the Bank in the second quarter introduces for banks at a zero rate.

Skorobogatova sure of the transfer fees for consumers should be nominal, and now, according to her, most banks adhere to just such a policy.

“the banks Have really a lot of costs, we understand that any rate for the Bank, which takes the Central Bank or a government body, it is always an extra burden. We long studied this issue and came to the conclusion that from the point of view of p2p transfers, we will be able to return to the topic to establish a zero rate for banks. In the second quarter, we plan at the level of the Board of Directors the decision to consolidate. We plan to give two years to banks and customers comfortable,” leads her words TASS.

the quick payments (SBP) is a service that allows individuals to instantly transfer money to the mobile phone number of yourself or others, regardless of which Bank accounts of the sender or recipient of the funds. This requires that these banks were connected to the system.