a Large railway station in Camorino TI: In a year, at the 4. September 2020, will be opened in the Ceneri base tunnel. Not quite as huge as on the Gotthard, three years ago, the ceremony is not but the Ceneri is only 15.4 kilometers long and 57 kilometers as the big brother.

And yet ends on that Friday in September 2020 Historical, which is to bring the New railway Alps transversal (Neat), a flat rail, which allows more freight and people by Rail from the North to the South.

“shit,” will spin more numbers

Federal councillor Simonetta Sommaruga (59) recalled at the tunnel tour on Thursday in Camorino where the Neat got their start in the ballot of 20. In February 1994, when Switzerland adopted the Alpine Initiative and the Federal government, so gave the order, the transalpine freight to shift traffic to Rail.

Sommaruga described the Ceneri-opening, but not just to completion, but rather as a prelude, the protection of the Alps forward. With the next-of-shift report, which is to be expected in the coming months, will propose to the SP-Minister of transport, new measures to bring even more goods from road to Rail.

the train path prices to be reduced to pay settlements, the railway companies for the use of the rail. “For a particularly long trains there should be in addition to the discount,” says Sommaruga. The road it wants to increase the price in return, about an increase in the heavy vehicle fee LSVA for the “polluters” under the Camions.

< p > S-Bahn for Ticino

not Yet, only for the transport of goods, the Ceneri decisive advantages. Passengers also benefit: the Ticino receives an S-Bahn, which halved the travel time from Lugano to Locarno more than – from 55 to 22 minutes.

Also for the German part of Switzerland, there is reason for joy: The journey time from Zurich to Milan will be reduced from the schedule in 2021 from 3.5 to 3 hours. The SBB is expected after the opening of the Ceneri with an increase in the number of passengers by 20 percent. On the North-South axis, then 1.2 million passengers per year are expected to be in the train on the way.

she Nearly came too late: the SP Federal councillor Simonetta Sommaruga (59) travelled on the Rail for the Ceneri-sightseeing in Camorino TI. However, the train from Zurich to Bellinzona was five minutes late. Once more.

What says the Minister of transport to the punctuality problem of the SBB? “Punctuality and safety are very important for the customers and we expect that the railway companies offer,” said Sommaruga to VIEW.

she expressed understanding for the SBB, the offer has become, in recent years significantly larger. And says: “My train was five minutes late, but still I got the connection. As long as this is so, everything is fine.”

However, Under normal circumstances, the connection would have been gone. But, as if by magic, he was waiting for the train from the North. Whether he always does this or only if the top Boss on Board? (sf)