The CEC said, when will the campaign for the national vote

“Exactly on the day when the article 2 of the law will come into effect – we are with you, our entire electoral system kicks in fully. It will be exactly on the day,” – said Pamfilova.

Logo and slogan of the vote on the Constitution will be presented March 11

Recall that the vote will take place on April 22. The CEC also added that the President of Russia the decree lawfully entrusted to the CEC and all election system of the Russian Federation is preparing for the forthcoming all-Russian vote.

the Main objective of CEC is “to ensure complete accuracy,” said Pamfilova. “To the voting procedure, no one was in doubt. It is necessary to give a complete truthful accurate information,” she said. Therefore, the CEC is preparing to hold large-scale information campaign.

In particular, a special mobile app every citizen will be able to download the proposed Constitution amendment. In addition, the CEC transferred them from a legal language into a language understandable for ordinary people. On sites for voting will also lay the current Constitution of the Russian Federation and the list of amendments.