Elections in Belarus can be considered completed. The CEC of the country have not registered as candidates for the most ranked opponents of Lukashenko, that could make it a real competition. Left 4 for the sake of spoilers, the leader of “Tell the truth” Andrei Dmitriev, ex-Deputy of Parliament Anna Konopacky, businessman Sergei Cerecere and wife of the leader of the “street opposition” Sergei Tikhanovski Svetlana.

Authorities wanted to remove from the campaign Victor Babariko that the CEC of the country went on to Frank the iniquity had violated the secrecy of the investigation, and assumed the powers of the court. The electoral Commission called opponent of Lukashenko, who gathered enough signatures for registration, and provide other authentic documents, the leader of the gang, was accused in a major theft, cooperation with foreign organizations. On this basis and not registered. Although, by law, a criminal person should declare to the court, not the President’s friend Lidia Yermoshina. Protest team Babariko has not taken into account. Thus, while the lawyer spoke of an alternative candidate, the CEC head all the time kept himself in the throat. “We don’t make a judgment here, we just establish whether illegal earnings and foreign legal entities, which Babariko not reported… So no we wouldn’t talk about it, we use the aid of state structures”, – said Yarmoshina.

in addition, she mentioned the portal the Bolshevik newspaper “Iskra”, which deals with the distribution of fakes. A very interesting feature for a representative Republic that claims to be the successor state to the Soviet Union. The reason for such frankness was that the portal had published the news about the banning of Babariko for a few minutes before, as Yarmoshyna said.

With Tsepkalo received without imagination – just admitted signatures in its support is invalid. His representative said that he did not agree, the CEC nodded, and then said goodbye.

Cerecedo and Konopacki luckier, they did not have any complaints. However, to say something intelligible, both candidates failed. Their speech was so bland that it seemed like they forced open his mouth.

the Other situation was with Dmitriev. After Yermoshina stated on its registration, the politician came to the podium and began to call to send Lukashenko at peace, release of political prisoners and hold fair elections…At some point one of the members of the CEC whispered Yarmoshyna: “We register?”. The girl merely smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

the Real benefit of the head of the Central election Commission of Belarus came during a registration Tikhanovski. As you know, she is held as the victim in the case against her husband Sergei. It all started with the fact that declarachi Tikhanovski revealed the mistake were not taken into account the house recently bought by Sergei. Once it became clear that there are strong grounds for refusal of registration, especially that of justification women looked not so convincingly. But she decided to enter the position of the wife of the prisoner, took pity on the girl and allowed her to try to become President of the Republic.

the decision of the CEC of Belarus “MK” explained political analyst Dmitry Bolkunets

– Yermoshina accused Babariko in the organization of organized crime groups, though-there was no trial. Obviously, Lukashenko was afraid of the popularity of the former banker and decided to get rid of him at any cost. Tsepkalo for the incumbent President, too dangerous, but not enough. So it all tokyostyle free, but before the election is not made. By the way, never before was not such that a candidate would have scored more than 100 thousand signatures, were not recorded. Now we have two such cases..

In social networks, many Belarusians wonder who Cerecer. What you have to say about it?

– No one knows nothing about it. A young and talented businessman of his fancy. Last year he bought from Stanislav Shushkevich party and entered politics. Shushkevich said that Caraceni a good guy, but do think that he will play in the giveaway with Lukashenka. Although he’s been pretty decent. Much worse behavior in Konopacki, which generally offends all of its competitors in the election.

And one thing that is known konopacka, the victory in the parliamentary elections in 2015?

– Yes, and it happened in a miraculous way. She was elected from a single district with the former presidential candidate of the Republic of Tatyana Karatkevich. According to independent observers, was won Karatkevich, but the CEC decided otherwise. In Parliament, Konopacka played the role of opposition, while the opposition drenched by order of the authorities. Now she does the same thing.

about the discharge And what can I say?

– He has the experience of three election campaigns, headed the movement “Tell the truth”… visited the KGB detention center. But this man is completely enclosed in the Belarusian system of government, so he will get the last or penultimate place in the presidential election, gaining 0.5 percent. More will not give him, as his Parliament was not allowed, but it seems as promised. Lukashenka can’t be any rivals. Its separation of competitors needs to be so large that no one could doubt his greatness.

Then why did you register Tikhanovski?

– it is her husband. Previously, he toured Belarus, collecting the protest electorate. In early may he was arrested, and then suddenly released, while in jail the blogger had to do some more days. Tikhanovski is explained by the fact that his release was demanded by some crowd of people, but no one has seen anything like it. Then he was arrested again. As has been said by Lukashenka, the supporters of the blogger in the future will unite with the rebels and will attack government facilities. Maybe Tikhanovski going to use as the priest Gapon.