The CEC adopted a draft procedure for the vote on the Constitution

“We have now prepared the draft decree in accordance with those amendments that the legislators and a working group was formed in the second article (of the bill on amendments to the Constitution – approx. “RG”). We are guided by them”, – said the head of the Central election Commission, Ella Pamfilova. “Today, we in any case will not be taken as a whole, just the project will take”, she added.

CEC: Remote voting on the Constitution is possible only in Moscow

the draft contains the rules for the preparation and conduct of voting, based on the law on presidential elections of the Russian Federation. The procedure takes into account all the achievements of the Russian electoral system in recent years – the opportunity to vote on the actual location (“mobile voter”) at any polling station in Russia and abroad, as well as public supervision.

in addition, the document provides for the possibility of early voting. According to Ella Pamfilova, in recent years, much work has been done to protect this procedure from abuse. The CEC considers that “you’re paroled” in a new format no one will not cause complaints.

the Draft order of preparation and conduct of voting on amendments to the Constitution is of a preliminary nature.

the minutes of the meeting of the CEC indicated that the adopted as a basis the document is sent to the regional election commissions, which must submit their proposals and comments on the text until March 6. According to Ella Pamfilova, the Commission will take into account the views of the expert community in the preparation of the final version of a document.